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Talking about Africa makes me smile. It’s a great continent unique in its way with several countries full of amazing people and culture. Africans are very great people in everything business, social life and politically. Truly it’s here that you can find the greatest wildlife safaris, lovely views, amazing landscape, historical places, vast forests, lakes unlike others making it the most relaxing wild destination in the entire world. When it comes to hotels, lodges and campsites ninety percent of the entire lodging facility is built with local materials which blend perfectly with both the environment and surrounding.

The African setting style is felt upon arrival as you check in and in most national parks plus other tourist hubs the lodge facilities cater for all budgets from basic, deluxe to up market ensuring that the adventurous spirit inherent to African travel is complemented by a full range of comfort, Style, fine cuisine. Chilled drinks and a friendly service. Every traveller gets access to internet facility in most lodges and hotels though some super budget lodge facilities sometimes fail to make it available for guests but the extensive cellular telephone network makes it possible for guests to stay in touch with home even in remote locations.

Most Africa Capital cities are serviced by modern excellent selection of international hotels including Serena hotels, Sheraton hotels, imperial hotels found just in the city centre’s. Malls and city buildings are packed with banks, shops, restaurants, Internet cafes, bars, cinemas making it easy for every guest to reach a service in just a second. Sometimes the short trips and excursions are the main tours run in different capitals as a way of enabling tourists to discover the capital. Movements within and outside the city is either by trains, buses, coaches,or rental cars but you can also hire matatus or boda bodas in Rwanda and Uganda. Some Roads are well maintained and some are dirsty especially those to national parks and game reserves but the rides are always scenic and lovely.

Each country has an international airport which connects it to the world and all foreign guests fly into one main airport. Chatter flights can be arranged between domestic tourist attractions and ease the movement for travellers without time. South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, Kenya are Africa’s exceptional country s for unique African safari holidays bit sole, group or family gateway. No matter where you go so long as you get the most incredible experience you ever imagined before.

Linda Barbara

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